Sunday, March 13, 2011

Guilt-Free Birthday

My grandmother really has this card sending business down. I received this on my actual birthday!

The card says:
With lots of love, Granddaughter. Having a special granddaughter like you makes every day just a little sweeter.
At first, I think it was intended for one of the other granddaughters. You know, the young ones who are still falling for the "Call me Gorgeous, not Grandma" thing. Then, I read my grandmother's neat cursive.
(Grandpa) hasn't fallen since his hospital stay and I hope he stays that way.
Really? Because I was beginning to think she was pushing him down. Not really. Maybe just a little.
Today, we played "chair volleyball" at the YWCA. Gramps is good, but I'm another story. I do fill an empty chair when needed.
You can play volleyball in a CHAIR? Is this just for seniors? I would play more volleyball if I didn't run the risk of having gravity pull my clumsy self to the ground with great force. Not surprised my grandfather is good at the game. That falling down thing aside, he's actually quite coordinated. If they were lobbing sale items over the net, I think my shopaholic grandmother would be pretty good at this sport.

And here comes the big finale.
Hope you make (it down here) SOON! Hope you have a beautiful day and the new year rich with God's blessings.
Closing with a bit of guilt, then well wishes. You know, when I see grandparents in TV/movies, they always seem to pass out dollar bills/hard candies and say things to the adult grandkids like "When are you getting married and having babies?" Instead, I have a combination of all four Golden Girls in one lady. I need to get her secret to this date managing. As long as I can remember, she rarely calls me by my real name on the first guess. Getting these cards out for holidays and birthdays is fascinating.

REMEMBER: The rule of reading the "Card From Grandma" post is that you will never EVER tell my grandma that you've seen them on The Internet. She doesn't quite know how this works and it will just confuse her.

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