Thursday, November 25, 2010

Card From Grandma

Nothing like a little dose of Grandma Guilt on Thanksgiving.
Please note the random question at the end of the card.
Is the station having Thanksgiving there?
She might be remembering my early days in TV, where the only way any of us would get to eat a turkey dinner was while covering a charity event and the organization would take charity on us and feed us. Don't judge. We were in need. And poor. Note to kids wanting to get into television: this will likely be your future. Don't be too proud to take a free plate of food. It beats the vending machine. Or convenience store hot dogs - those will kill you.

So to answer grandma's card: Yes, I wish I could be with my family today. Instead, I'm spending it with my work family (What? Did you think elves put news on TV on holidays?). There will be turkey and most of the trimmings. There might even be some bickering to make me feel like I'm with my actual family.

REMEMBER: The rule of reading the "Card From Grandma" post is that you will never EVER tell my grandma that you've seen them on The Internet. She doesn't quite know how this works and it will just confuse her.

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