Friday, November 19, 2010

Week in Pop Culture

It appears Tom Cruise has no fear.
What has Jennifer Lopez done to her face?

Here's a reality show I can't wait to deny I'm watching.

Get ready for a serious sausagefest at SNL in December.

Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway like being naked together.

They can make all the changes they want to "American Idol," and I still won't watch it after the auditions.

Reality strikes for another "real" housewife.

If this tour makes a stop near me, I might see it.

I'm not sure what a Leighton Meester is, but she doesn't seem to like clothing.

People's Sexiest Man Alive is...
Winona Ryder lives in the 80s.

This is the ONLY time I'm going to mention this divorce.

Flava Flav has a business plan.

Here's a rock feud that I could have cared about maybe 20 years ago.

Natalie Portman can rock a bikini.

My fave celeb stylist is preggers.

Kathy Griffin's reality show may be donesville.

Here are your GQ "Men of the Year."

Here's Halle Berry proving she's not always perfect.
I thought this guy only dated strippers.

It looks like Tom Jones has been Snooki'ed.

Look what's coming back to TV! Excited? Neither am I.

The number one show on cable this week was not that Sarah Palin thingy.

I refuse to see the new Teen Wolf.

As good as he is at acting, it does not seem like Christian Bale enjoys it.

I thought this lady was married, so her engagement is kind of a surprise.

Prince William has finally put a ring on it Kate Middleton.

Look who's designing swimwear your mom will like!
And look who's rocking a bikini!

GQ named it's "Babe of The Year."

Kendra Wilkinson's reality show became a little more revealing.

Remember Sebastian Bach? Maybe this will be a refresher.

Get ready for "Chilean Miners: The Movie."

This cameo could top Mike Tyson's in The Hangover.

I love The Great Gatsby so much, I wasn't sure I wanted a remake until I read this.

This girl is engaged and I hope she has learned not to let cameras into her life. And there's this question about her ring.

A sequel to Precious? I'm not sure I can handle it.

What? Like you don't wear a tank top and panties to yoga?

Seriously. Someone get Randy Quaid a reality show before something bad happens!

I could be on board with this possible sequel. I'm not so sure about these.

Fellas hoping to snag Olivia Munn, take note of this.

This talk show might be crazy enough for me to check out.

Halle Berry does this because she can.

Super smart Natalie Portman is writing a movie I might see.

I don't know why Guns N' Roses feels the need to crank out new music.
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