Monday, November 22, 2010

Ten Things

Confession: I love Joan Rivers. I love her when she's mean. I love her when she's snarky (yes, there IS a difference). But the thing I love most is her honesty.

Everyone knows she's had plastic surgery because she's told all about it. I like that. Unlike some ladies, she's just telling us what's she's had done so no one says, "Why can't my eyebrows be closer to my hairline like Joan Rivers?" They CAN be. It'll cost you.

I decided to see what I can learn from her on Twitter. It's official: everything I know about aging, I have learned from Joan Rivers.

Don't Be Afraid To Look Like The Witch From "Snow White"
For comparison:

Hope Doctors Invent Female Viagra

You're Never Too Old For A Fresh Start

There Is A Reality Show For The Old Folks (If We All Dream)
I just hope there's no nudity!

There's A Bright Side To Daylight Saving Time

My Potty Mouth Makes Me Cultured

Just Because You're Old, You Don't Have To Say You Love Susan Boyle

Old People Don't Just Love Hard Candy

Never Accept Your Spinster Fate

You Only Need Plastic Surgery If You Plan To See People In Person

Now, I can't wait to grow old! It sounds like so much fun! Plus, you can be cranky, say what is on your mind and no one will say a thing to you! Wait. I do that already. Much love to Joan Rivers! I can only hope to have that much fun when I'm her age - whatever it is!

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