Friday, November 12, 2010

Week in Pop Culture

America, it looks like we need to send January Jones a few cheeseburgers.

It really doesn't look good for Will Arnett's show.

Vera Farmiga has a new baby girl.

Jane Fonda had a cancer scare.

We'll have a little more time with The Simpsons.

This week's rehab newbie is... a guy I thought was dead.

This sort of thing doesn't get me to respect Kim Kardashian.

Angelina Jolie is talking about her home life.


Dick Van Dyke was rescued by porpoises?

That "Three Stooges" movie probably won't happen.

Demi Moore has sold her soul to the devil. How else can she look this good for so long?

If you want to see skinny young girls in their underwear, here's a look at the Victoria's Secret fashion show. And here's what Katy Perry wore to the show.

Just when I thought I would not watch Skating With The Stars, I learned this guy was a judge. 

I don't know if America is really ready for this.

WOW! Oprah sure made a whole lotta cash.

Not sure what I think about this alleged new couple. Or not.

This is not Jennifer Hudson's best look.

My sister, Tina Fey, got a big honor.

This makes me glad I'm not following Kanye on Twitter.

Aww! Super cute homecoming queen! Her sister is adorbs, too!

I can't believe Robert DeNiro hasn't already received this honor.

Does Liam Neeson have a secret?

Moms and spinsters, here's a New Year's Eve special just for you.

Orlando Bloom's wife is fat really pregnant.

I had no idea I had so much in common with Zach Galifianakis.

I think this comparison is a smidge unfair.

Anyone who goes on "Wheel of Fortune" and buys up all the vowels should take note of this.

I hope this star finds time to do some dancing.

So Gwen Stefani wears something like Spanx. Big deal!

Madonna was bullied.

Pseudo-celebrity in a bikini.

I don't know if Seth Rogen's engagement story is true, but it made me giggle on "Conan."

Like it or not, Tim Allen is coming back to TV.

Ice-T is endorsing booze that I don't think I can drink.

This lady's shoes don't look very comfortable.
Iman is gorgeous and knows clothes. But there's something about this show that makes me think someone is working really hard to make punny insults.

I think plenty of new moms can related to this.

This is what happens when a mediocre actress talks badly about screenwriters.

I won't plan a vacation to this place any time soon.

Good TV news!

I hate the wait for this movie.

The Cheater says she's not engaged.

Lindsay Lohan wants to "open rehabs." Oh, good.

This looks painful.

Eva Longoria's hosting gig at the MTV Europe Music Awards included a ton of costume changes.

Gerard Butler might be leaving out a few details in his holiday plans.

Miley Cyrus is a great role model.

A professional from Dancing With The Stars is engaged to a baseball player.

We know who won't host the Academy Awards.

Kelly Ripa might be too skinny.

Debra Winger is back at work and it looks like she's had some work done.
I wonder how the world would respond to this show in Vegas?

The next few years could be tough for Lil Wayne.

Rest in Peace, Jill Clayburgh.

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