Friday, November 5, 2010

Week in Pop Culture

She can't always look great.
Joan Collins is fake-tastic and she loves it.

Jessica Alba says she'd rather be funny than pretty. I'm still happy to say I've never seen one of her movies.

I totally agree with Jennifer Lopez.

James Cameron doesn't want to see more crappy 3D movies. Unless they're his - and he won't call his own movies crappy.

Lindsay Lohan's rehab sounds like a dream.

Good news: there will be another Bond movie. Bad news: we won't see it until November 2012.

You're welcome.

I wouldn't be surprised if this newly-engaged couple is shopping a reality series.Same goes for this couple of cheaters.

When he's not the Green Lantern, this is how Ryan Reynolds rolls.

Can perfume bottles have combovers?

Cancel your plans to see Aretha any time soon.

I have never been more excited about someone becoming an American!

Can you believe this guy is free?

What? No more Supernanny?

A certain 70s star spent some time behind bars.

Is it the 80s again?

That "Millionaire Matchmaker" has stirred up the curly-haired girls.

Cheryl Tiegs could use a little fashion help.
This news doesn't exactly make me look forward to hearing Gwyneth Paltrow sing.

I would be in rehab if my dad was like this.

I would be all up in my mom's closet if she was like this.

Michelle Pfeiffer is just like me!

You can be like Mariah Carey without leaving home.

Remember when Perez Hilton said he was going to be nicer? Does this seem nice?

Think about this: a TV show based on Chelsea Handler's book but will not star Chelsea Handler.

I love this.

I'm now sold on that Jake Gyllenhaal/Anne Hathaway movie.

I might watch this.

But I'm not so sure I want to watch this.

Former President George W. Bush says this was one of the most disgusting moments of his presidency. And here's the response from the other side.

Cirque Du Soleil is taking on Michael Jackson's song book. Interesting.

No jagged little pill here.

Great. Now every reality show cast member will get political.

Susan Boyle is the world's oldest child.

Could it be - a dude version of "Ugly Betty?"

Sarah Silverman has body issues.

I don't know what exactly Demi Lovato does, but I feel sorry for her.

Creepy alleged relationship news

Here's a reality show I won't watch (well, at least I won't DVR it).

Want to know the name of this unshaven lady? Click here.

The only thing shocking about this celebrity divorce is who's doing the filing.

Courtney Cox wants you to know she's separated, not divorcing (yet).

Jennifer Garner has been caught with crack.

Oprah's network has ordered two reality shows that I'll watch at least once.

This news already hurts my ears.

Ricky Martin talked about his coming out.

Heidi Klum and Seal love Halloween - perhaps a bit too much?

Stage parents, listen up: this is how you keep your kid from becoming Lindsay Lohan.

Jessica Capshaw has a new baby girl.

Soon, you can smell just like Taylor Swift.

When your belly's full of Thanksgiving turkey, watch Beyonce dance and pretend like the calories are just melting away.

I can't believe this lady keeps turning down Dancing With The Stars.

I'll always check out a show on HBO - so this one will get space on my DVR.

OK. Fine. I'll see MIB III.

This made me do a double take Friday night.

Rest in Peace, James Wall.
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