Monday, November 8, 2010

I Have A White House Press Corps Confession

One of the super fun things about my job is watching the White House press briefings (it's not always fun, but sometimes we have to sit through them so I try to make it entertaining). I have decided my new favorite thing about this briefings is one man: Hans Nichols.
He is a reporter for Bloomberg. Don't think that image I found with a quick Google search is making fun of him. Click on the link. He's adorable! From his curly/shaggy hair to his boyish charm - like a Doogie Howser turned loose in D.C. I wonder if he gets carded?

But his looks aren't what makes me keep an eagle eye on the Q&A at the White House. No. It's his voice. There's no squeaking. His youthful looks are a complete contradiction to his Kermit The Frog with a head cold voice. Not familiar with it? Go to the 2:54 mark on this video.
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Dreamy, no?

If anything, I hope my introduction of Hans Nichols (just realized I did not mention that I love the name - it sounds like an alias) will spice up your political news watching. If not, I give up. You people are dream crushers who make me want to move to Canada. And I won't even let you crash on my sofa.

Note: I just read his bio. He's wicked smart. I'd like to be friends with him in case I ever get into a "Cash Cab" situation. Call me, Hans! XOXO

PS - can anyone confirm if this is his actual Twitter account? Maybe his peers could school him in this social networking business.
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