Monday, November 1, 2010

Coming Soon...

There are so many things I love about November... Cooler weather, sweaters and better movies! This time of year, some of the best movies roll out in hopes of staying in the minds of the awards show voters. Still, a few duds will hit the big screen. Let's start with those.

For Colored Girls

As a rule, I don't like Tyler Perry movies. I find them to be a bit racist. I feel the same way about George Lopez and those redneck comedians. When you play to the stereotypes of your own people, you're fueling the racism. The trailer shows these women who appear to be strong, yet their lives are in turmoil. I saw this movie last year when it was called Precious. I'm sure that this cast of amazing, talented African-American women will turn out some great performances. However, this movie does not appeal to me. Maybe it's because I'm not a colored girl. Or maybe it's because I know Tyler Perry had his hands in this. I may watch it when it hits HBO, but not one second sooner.


This hurts. I really love Denzel Washington. I just don't understand why he keeps taking the same roles. No more cop movies, PLEASE! Denzel was fantastic in Training Day. But every movie since that one has disappointed me. So, I'd like to ask the movie people to find Denzel another movie where he can be fantastic and make me go see him in the theater. This movie just smells of deja vu - and not in a good way.

Morning Glory

Dear Hollywood: PLEASE STOP MAKING THESE MOVIES ABOUT THE NEWS BUSINESS! They are almost never accurate. The last movie I thought came close to resembling my line of work was Broadcast News. Every other movie based on the biz makes me crazy with the inaccuracies and impossibilities. I imagine it's the same for other businesses. I bet actual spies hate spy movies. I won't ruin the movie magic by listing all the things that aren't real in movies based on news if spies will agree to the same. Deal?


I can handle a little bit of science fiction. But I prefer it in such small doses that I don't recognize the geeky bits. Nothing appealing about this one.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part One

Confession: I have never seen/read a single bit of this boy wizard (that's what he is, right?). That said, it should not surprise you that I won't see the latest installment of this series. Go ahead and tell me how it ends. I won't be mad.

The Next Three Days

Where do I begin? A movie that includes Russell Crowe asking "show me where the bullets go" is just plain silly. Russell Crowe has shot people in movies lots of times. And if a guy is asking a question like that, how is it even possible for him to break his wife out of prison and then live life on the run? This movie looks so bad that it won't surprise me if some network turns it into a TV show.


A reboot of Rapunzel? Is this necessary? I'm answering my question by putting it in this list of movies.


I love a musical, but there's something about this one that makes me want to skip it. I know Christina Aguilera can sing. This just reminds me too much of Nine - and that is NOT a good thing.

Love And Other Drugs

I love Anne Hathaway and Jake Gyllenhaal. But he's a Viagra salesman in this movie. She's a "free spirit." No way.


The Rock. I've said plenty of times that he's not an actor. I know there's not a whole lot of acting in an action movie, but nothing will make me run from the theater faster than this movie.

Here's what I hope to cram into my November weekends:
I did catch a screening of 127 Hours. You can find my review here.
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