Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Cat Napping

Most people would like it when an ad hits close to home. It always scares me a little. Take this ad:
Cute little kitten on the pillow, staring at the owner as she sleeps. You might think it's precious. I think it's terrifying. Why? Because it's my reality.
That's Chaplin, curled up on the pillow next to me. If I stir in the middle of the night and my hand comes anywhere near him, he'll bite (not breaking the skin - he just wants to let me know he has teeth). And sometimes, when I wake up, he's moved closer to my face, staring right at me - so close I can feel him breathing on my face. 

So do I find that Fancy Feast ad sweet? Nope. I definitely don't want to buy that food out of fear it will encourage the cat to get even closer to me. He's bigger than my head and I've had at least one dream that I can remember in which the cat curled up on my face and smothered me. It was not comforting.

I'd rather they stick to the ads in which some pristine cat eats the food from a fancy dish. Far, far away from the bedroom.
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