Friday, May 20, 2011

Week In Pop Culture

Unless your name is Sofia Vergara, don't do this.

I think I could handle a Bridesmaids sequel.

Do real people keep marrying each other or is it something only rich people do?

I have no idea what "mens bodywear" is, but I like that David Beckham is designing it.

Titanic is being re-released in 3-D this summer.

Is this the new boss on The Office?

Janice Dickinson is still crazy.

Oh, Rosie Perez. I'm pretty sure the reason you're not getting work has nothing to do with this and everything to do with the fact that few characters are written for people with annoying voices. Ask Fran Drescher.

Charles Barkley has a way with words.

Ke$ha needs help.

Beyonce can always rock a video.

Does this solve the January Jones baby daddy drama?

This movie sounds like it could be super funny!

I really hoped Celebrity Rehab would have helped this guy.

I still can't believe these two are dating.

Ugh. Another Scream movie is already in the works.

George Clooney's girlfriend is not shy.

The kid already needs therapy.

Tom Hanks seems to have forgotten his rule.

If this doesn't add to drama on RHWOBV, I don't know what will.

Who wants to drink a little Britney Spears sweet tea?

Are these two really a couple?

Lady Gaga is trying to save journalism.

Sounds like Miley Cyrus is trying real hard to remind us she's not a child.

On a strange note, here's what James Franco has been up to.

I'd be OK if these two rode off into the sunset and were never seen again.

Now this is a hot vampire! Sorry, Twihards.

Do we really need a reboot of The Flinstones?

Sad face. Jennifer Aniston's dog died.

No more America's Most Wanted.

Here's the Arnold bombshell we were expecting.

Can Jennifer Lopez pull this off?
Britney Spears looks healthy and happy here.

Cleopatra in 3D?

That new Pirates movie is not getting a lot of love.

Not sure what to think of this new Paul McCartney music.

It's no surprise Gwen Stefani can rock a bikini.

Katy Perry wants you to see something other than her chesticles.

Beyonce is teasing her new album.

Tilda Swinton does not encourage ladies to have babies.

One of The Office stars is pregnant.

I haven't read Chelsea Handler's book, but I am fairly sure the TV show on NBC won't do it justice.

Look, magazines. Mariah Carey was all about parading her naked pregnant self in your pages. I don't think this is necessary.

I wonder if this is just a move by Britney Spears' parents to protect her or if it's really true?

Eva Longoria has some amazing legs!
A couple of country singers tied the knot.

CBS gets Two and a Half Men back on track at a bargain.
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