Sunday, May 1, 2011

Summer Movie Season Has Arrived!

I have avoided the movie theaters for two months because nothing really made me want to go. And when I did have the time, the one movie I wanted to see was already gone. But this month has a few new releases that are on my MUST SEE list. Now, friends and strangers, I present the good, the bad and the I'm-not-sure-so-I'll-just-add-it-to-my-Netflix-queue.

The Beaver

Look, I know I have sworn off Mel Gibson after his last crazy spell, but I have seen this trailer a few times and laughed. I will only see this if it's showing at the theater that offers a $5 pre-noon deal. Otherwise, I'll wait.


This movie had me with the cast. I don't need it described as any dude-movie but with chicks. Please, Hollywood, stop doing that. Ladies are way smarter than that. Don't let those ticket sales of chick flicks fool you.

Everything Must Go

There's a chance I might like the idea of this movie more than I'll actually like it, but I'm willing to take that chance.

The Hangover Part 2

Oh, how I can't wait for this one! I don't care if the hijinx are predictable, I'll still see it.

  • Thor - Not even if you bought my ticket and candy.
  • Something Borrowed - I'd rather be waterboarded.
  • Jumping The Broom - The only thing that interested me about this: I now know Angela Bassett is still working.
  • Last Night - I feel like I've avoided seeing this movie before.
  • Passion Play - I could almost be interested in this, but it would break my Megan Fox-free streak.
  • Priest - Nope.
  • Midnight In Paris - I don't love Woody Allen. Every time I try to watch his movies, I get annoyed. Note: that's not hard to do.
These movies are ones I'm interested in, but would rather watch at home. If it's bad, I just stuff it back in the envelope and drop it in the mail.
  • Hesher - I'm intrigued, but I have the feeling that I'd get it, pop it in the DVR and ask, "How the hell did this wind up in my queue?
  • Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides - I'm kind of over this series, but I love Johnny Depp. I'm torn.
  • Kung Fu Panda 2 - Jack Black on the big screen - even if it's just his voice - has become too much for me.
  • The Tree of Life - I have a feeling this is a little Benjamin Button-like. I'll watch at home and see if that's the case.
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