Monday, May 16, 2011

Getting It Right

If you're like me and you see a movie poster and automatically decide whether or not you'll see the movie when it's released, you might have been skeptical of this one.
You see those ladies? Do they look like they want to be in that poster? I instantly thought they have total Brat Pack attitude.
See? It's that whole "I might be giving you the middle finger" kind of attitude. That should be your first clue that this is not that kind of lady-centric movie.

I have previously written about my distaste for romantic comedies and chick flicks (see examples here, here and here). If you're too lazy to click the links, let me sum it up this way: those movies often set bad examples for women, telling them to hang in there and it'll all work out - even though the reality is hanging in there just makes you unhappy. But I didn't write this movie off because the ladies in this movie aren't known for playing sweet, sympathetic characters. They're tough. And have ya seen the trailer?

What is sweet about that? Food poisoning? Traffic stop that includes dancing? Female fight club? Nope. You don't get that in your typical rom-com!

This 30-something girl decided to brave this one. Armed with a friend, I settled in. From the first minute, I laughed. I never once rolled my eyes or thought, "Dear, God. When does this end?" Because it was funny. And real. And a little gross. And these women weren't perfect. Yes, they do wind up in those bridesmaids dresses (not the one from the poster) and there's a cameo by Wilson Phillips that makes for one super funny moment. What they don't do: get all mushy and say things 20-something single girls say like, "We'll be friends forever." They know life is changing and they can only hope they change together instead of grow apart.

There is nothing wrong with that.
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