Friday, May 13, 2011

One Smart Squirrel

This morning, while doing my normal news skimming, this caught my eye.
What is cuter than a squirrel that looks like it's stealing a bicycle?

It turns out, this squirrel is not just smart - it has all the answers about the end of the world. What's that? You didn't know our days are literally numbered? That's right. Apparently, all of this comes to an end on May 21. Since I want answers, I decided to follow @DCSquirrel on Twitter. I'm also reading his/her super informative Q&A. Then, I was asked to submit a question. I waited patiently (really, I gave it like five minutes and then I moved on). By this afternoon, my beloved squirrel responded.
(Click the image if that's a little hard for you to read)

Now, I want my own special squirrel! Unless they're not as smart and cute as this one.
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