Wednesday, April 27, 2011

How Am I Reading?

My name is Nicole and I am a bookaholic.

Just saying those words out loud makes me feel SO much better. But seriously, I cannot stop buying books. Here's a look at my nightstand today:
Three of those books were bought last year, but I hope to finally get to them this year. You see, in the last couple of years, I have renewed my love of books. I get some really awesome coupons from Borders and Barnes & Noble, which encourages me to buy more books. It's a deal - and I love a bargain.

See that Covert Affair book? TRUE STORY: about two weeks before it was released, I was talking to a friend about the need for a book to detail Julia Child's spy days. Then, when I saw it, I was excited! Still, I said, "I cannot buy another book right now. I have too many in my 'to read' pile." Then, 15 minutes later, I received a 40% off coupon, so I bought it. I don't feel as guilty about the book buying until the tower of books next to me seems to taunt me as I fall to sleep. Some nights, I swear they sway as if to say, "We're going to crush you in your sleep! HAHAHAHA!" Note: those are the nights I might have had too much alcohol.

While I am looking forward to reading all of those books (one at a time - I get through them faster that way), I am not looking forward to hauling them around. The Passage is more than 700 pages! While that will boost my Good Reads page count, it will likely throw off my balance. Seriously, if I fall down in the parking lot at work and hurt myself, I'm blaming the book.

I only wish I had waited until after Christmas to buy that book. My parents gave me this as a gift:

A Nook color! It was an ordeal setting it up (my parents live in a house without WiFi - it's like the late 90s up in there), but once I returned home, I had no problem making it one of my new favorite gadgets. Because I had a few books on my nightstand, I decided to restrict the real books to those less than 300 pages. Anything longer than that would be easier to carry on the Nook. I've read three books on it and have sorted out the pros/cons of eReaders. 

The Nook is about the same weight as a paperback book. Well, it would be if I didn't have it in a leather case.

I still like holding a real book. The case holding my Nook kind of gives me that feel, but I do like turning real pages, not swiping the screen. I have also run into the battery issue - just a few pages left and the battery dies. Advantage: book. Real books don't need battery power!

This was one concern - and why I didn't buy myself an eReader. You see, I have spilled soup, wine, coffee, etc., on my real books. I make sure when I'm Nooking (real word, no?) that I have no liquids around me. I am also not going to lounge in a bubble bath with the Nook. One big splash or slip up and it's a goner.

This is a tough one. Sometimes, the coupons I get from the big box book sellers bring the hardcover edition to the same or even cheaper price than an e-book. If you aren't a member of their discount programs, get on it.

Other Issues
The other night, I was finishing Swamplandia! and was in bed. I turned off the light and was happy with the light the Nook provided. It wasn't so bright that it kept me up when I finished reading. It didn't strain my eyes the way my nightstand lamp sometimes does when I read at night. Also, the Nook is now in the app business. Not sure I need one more place to app it up, but there is that option.

I will also make one more exception for buying the real book: if I buy the eBook and love it, I'll add the real version to my collection. Maybe I'm a little old fashioned, but I like looking at the real books. Plus, some day, I hope to have a library in my home so I can be surrounded by the books that I love. I'm only holding onto books that I want to read again. Everything else has been put up for swap.

Do you have an eReader? Have you established criteria like mine or have you just given up ever reading a real book again?
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