Friday, April 15, 2011

Week In Pop Culture

Gun show, anyone?

These two really should stop talking about their relationship in public.

Lindsay Lohan has no clue about her career.

Two more Bond movies!

I am seriously excited about this Lincoln movie.

Poor Zsa Zsa. Her husband is insane.

Good news: Amy Winehouse is still alive. Bad news: she looks like this.
Sorry, Paul Reiser. I can't watch your new show.

L-O-V-E Adele!

Mickey Rourke is bad mouthing his own movies.

Val Kilmer looks sad.

John Belushi was allegedly a sexist jerk.

I'm pretty sure this is the opposite of winning.

CNN may be trying to add a little color to the network to make it more watchable. How about they start by getting rid of Spitzer?

Speaking of color... I really like Drew Barrymore's!

Catherine Zeta-Jones has gone mental. Seriously.

People magazine says Jennifer Lopez is beautiful.

I'm not sure I'm down with a reboot of The Crow.

A former boy bander is now a stripper.

Jay-Z is now in the lifestyle website business.

John Travolta has enough money to buy airplanes, but he can't get a decent hair piece?

Eddie Murphy is done with the donkey.

Tina Fey is definitely pregnant.
Justin Bieber thinks the paparazzi should back off - in some places.

Hayden Panettiere apparently has some rude fans.

I will NOT buy this book.

That 24 movie will be out next year.

I'm a bit surprised to see Scarlett Johansson running in those weird shoes.

Lady Gaga was attacked by her piano.

I cannot believe people are still watching Desperate Housewives, so this salary news is a bit surprising.

A celebrity DJ is living proof of why you should wear a helmet while bicycling.

Not my favorite picture of Reese Witherspoon.
Patti LuPone is NOT on Twitter and she's not happy with her fake account maker.

While I don't love Taylor Swift's music (too screechy for me), I do think she's a good role model for girls.

News like this only makes me miss True Blood more.

Tori Spelling is pregnant (and still on reality TV).

For a totally unbelievable story about Patrick Dempsey, click here.

They were a couple in a movie, but are these two really a couple in real life?

This is a random celebrity baby team.

Hilary Swank - can't name a movie she's been in recently, but I can say she rocks a bikini!

Oh, good. Another actress is going to try singing in a movie.

Natalie Portman's baby made her give up veganism.

Is Regis moving on to another daytime talk show? Or not?

I would like to thank Kathy Griffin for making me look tan.

What is wrong with Hollywood that they would support an actor's drug problem?

Random confession: I love Guy Pearce.

Liam Neeson won't be in Hangover 2.

And NOW I want an invite to Sherri Shepherd's wedding.

Um, Christina Hendricks.?!

Gwen Stefani promises No Doubt will have a new album out this year.

So happy a show that makes me giggle is coming back!

Another celebrity owes the taxman. And here's one famous couple with the same problem. When will they learn?

Betty White preaches the truth.

Remember Drea de Matteo? No? Well, she just had a baby.

Still undecided on The Great Gatbsy reboot.

DC Housewives are done. Fingers crossed the other lame bunch from Miami are next.

Rest in peace, Sidney Lumet.
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