Thursday, April 21, 2011

What I Don't Get Now...

Celebrity cookbooks.

Look, I love cooking shows and cookbooks. I have my own collection of cookbooks with beautiful covers, photos and recipes that are easy and really challenging.
I have stopped buying them. Why? Because you can find a recipe online fairly easy (and for free) and I realized I was not using the cookbooks I have.

So, I don't understand why I'm supposed to buy into this current batch of actresses peddling books of "family recipes" and personal stories.
I have seen Eva Longoria promoting this cookbook (while trying her best to dodge questions about her recent divorce). She says she cooks all the time. Well, she might, but does she eat the food?

I mean, look at her! She's in awesome shape! Am I really to believe she digs into a bowl of guacamole on the regular? Because I can't. Not for one second. I'm sure the recipes in the book are good (but I hardly need a cookbook to teach me how to make enchiladas). However, I don't trust a girl who doesn't look like she eats her own food. That's like your skinny friend who tries to sabotage your diet by telling you "one piece of cake won't kill you!" while she laughs to herself that she will be the skinniest one in the bunch.

Pure evil.

I've seen Gwyneth Paltrow's food-filled adventures with Mario Batali. I have also seen photos of her in a swimsuit. She has a rockin' body.

So does she eat?


But I have also heard her say that she works out EVERY DAY for at least an hour and a half! Who, besides an actress, can afford to do that? I don't doubt her recipes are yummy, but I'm not buying this unless someone pays me to work out. Any takers?

Sheryl Crow's book is about nothing but making money. How do I know this? Because she has said she does not cook. That guy on the cover of the book? Chuck White. He's her chef.

Put a pretty, skinny, famous girl on the cover of a cookbook, let her do a promotional tour and instant hit? I don't think so. I am sure Chuck White has whipped up some lovely meals and recipes for Cheryl and her kids. But I hope he's at least getting half the proceeds of this book because he's truly the brains in this operation.

I'm not saying these books don't have some good ideas, but I just cannot believe people are forking over (pun intended) their hard-earned cash for them. People, hit up Google, watch the Food Network - there are plenty of ways to get these recipes without paying for them (either with cash or in the gym).

That said, I would gladly peddle my own cookbook with family recipes, which likely came from other cookbooks/food labels/internet searches. If only someone would pay me for that...
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