Friday, April 8, 2011

Week In Pop Culture

This makes me want to be 50.

No surprise that when one plays a whore on TV, it's hard to date in real life.

A couple of blonde actresses are getting work on Showtime.

Can you spot the baby bump here?

A DWTS pro is baring it all for Playboy.

Oh, Iggy Pop!

January Jones really knows what to say to make me like her less.

Seriously, Nicki Minaj. We get it.

Eva Longoria had a wardrobe malfunction on Letterman's show.

Lady Gaga could show up on one of my favorite comedies.

Some country singer is engaged to her girlfriend.

Mariska Hargitay has a new baby.

When will celebs learn to check their makeup before heading out?
Natalie Portman says she doesn't smoke pot - anymore.

Tina Fey is preggers. And she's hosting SNL soon!

A couple of famous guys bared all.

Do you remember when Britney Spears used to dance? I don't think she does.

Because I know you wanted a sequel to When Harry Met Sally.

Gwen Stefani's middle name is "vain?"

A very pregnant Mariah Carey posed naked.

As someone who hopes to eventually be a real writer, this news discourages me.

I don't understand how this guy is still making movies.

There's speculation Angie's new tattoo means she's adding another kid to her clan.
LeAnn Rimes is scary skinny. This doesn't help.

Gotham is Pittsburgh?

This girl is going from a reality show to a talk show?

Valuable gun lesson from The Mustache.

Here's one reality show I won't watch.

One more reason to love Reese Witherspoon.

If you dare: Kathy Griffin in a bikini.

Something is wrong with Tori Spelling's chesticles.

This sounds like a movie I won't see.

I'm not sure I would have wanted to see this one 15 years ago.

Stevie Nicks is going to meet The Oprah.

Justin Bieber tried to kill his mother.

Laila Ali has a new baby girl.

Miley Cyrus as I never wanted to see her.

I cannot believe Snooki is more bankable than people with actual talent and brains.

I don't love this look, but it does make me excited for some new Beyonce music!

Halle Berry hasn't lost her bikini body.

James Franco is blaming The Man for him leaving Twitter.

Lindsay Lohan might have a new job.

I cannot believe this was last week's number one movie.

Katie Couric has a new plan for 2012. Hint: it's not a bid for President. And look who may be leaving Today.

It's only April, but this is already being called the "Wedding of the Year." Take that, Kate and Will!

Justin Timberlake may have moved on.

ICYMI: Here's what people wore to the Academy of Country Music Awards.

Courtney Love is back on Twitter and she's still ranting.

Hugh Hefner is not interested in a pre-nup.

Michael Vartan is married.

Those losers who thought they were winning by buying tickets to see Charlie Sheen's live show got exactly what they paid for. And one of his ex-wives looks like she's winning.
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