Friday, April 22, 2011

Week In Pop Culture

Katy Perry totally stole my Friday look.

Lady Gaga fell on stage again.

Even though I like this guy, I still don't want to see a Bourne movie without Matt Damon.

If this doesn't make you excited for the new Beastie Boys album, nothing will.

Look who might be the next star to take on Broadway.

Leeza Gibbons is married.

Not sure what to think of this Mel Gibson interview.

I'm a little intrigued by this new Kelsey Grammer project.

An actress and a TV carpenter are engaged.

I love these kids (and The Bangles look great)!

Jane Krakowski is now a mom.

Those Jonas brothers want you to know they're still alive.

Benicio del Toro's baby mama is showing off her baby bump.

Jimmy Fallon's show has been renewed.

Not sure shoulder implants will catch on.

Sarah Jessica Parker in a bikini. Here.

Is it the 90s again? Ricki Lake is getting a daytime talk show.

Catherine Zeta-Jones is healthy and ready to work.

Kirstie Alley doesn't exactly make a good diet model.

Ethan Hawke's wife is expecting their second child (his fourth).

How cute is Salma Hayek's daughter?
Robin Williams looks a little homelessy.

Can't wait to see the season finale of SNL.

If you want to see Sharon Stone in a bikini, click here.

I loved Jeff Bridges in Crazy Heart, but am not so sure I want him to do a whole album.

Here's Patrick Dempsey on the beach.

Tragedy in Tim Robbins family.

I'm warming to the idea of The Great Gatsby reboot.

This Dark Knight news is making me antsy about seeing it.

Can you tell Miranda Kerr had a baby in January? Neither can I.
Suri Cruises's 5th birthday was better than any party I'll ever have.

At this point, I would not be surprised if Mariah Carey does not release photos of her in the delivery room.

Grace Kelly's royal wedding is one that I can get behind.

I think this Real Housewife looked better before her facelift.

Lindsay Lohan may be back to making movies I won't see.

Diddy is desperate to become an actor.

Y'all, Britney Spears is just like us!

Beyonce is a tease.

Evan Rachel Wood wants some attention.

If we were in 1988, I would be super excited about this.

Gwyneth Paltrow wants you to know she's street, yo.

Well, this is certainly not a practical beachwear choice.

Miley Cyrus says America doesn't love her enough.

Ugh. That American Pie sequel is really happening.

I cannot wait to see how this episode of 30 Rock goes down.

Serena Williams. In a bikini.
Nicole Richie might have an addiction to sunglasses.

Guess which LOST actress is pregnant!

Jessica Simpson wants to make sure her twins are part of her wedding ceremony.

However, I find NPH's twins way cuter.

Pamela Anderson wants you to see all of her.

A Glee star is at war with rats (real rats, not paparazzi).


I will totally check out this Julia Louis-Dreyfus show.

So, Nicki Minaj has a hair idol. Good for her.

Lisa Rinna might as well ask for world peace.

I like that Zach Galifianakis talks about people giving too much information while he is doing just that.

You can get Diddy to host a party, but it will cost you.

Being a network executive pays really well.

Nic Cage was arrested.

Jon Bon Jovi was burgled.

RuPaul: still pretty and still making music?

Jerry Seinfeld is just like me.

Rest in peace, Michael Sarrazin.

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