Friday, April 1, 2011

Week In Pop Culture

If Maggie Gyllenhaal would listen to me and wear a bra, she would look better than this.

Um, no.

Will Arnett won't be the new boss on The Office, but he will be back on TV soon.

I would rather see this Vegas show than that Celine Dion mess.

Billy Joel has scrapped his memoir.

That Grey's Anatomy musical episode was so bad, they're doing another one.

Here's what happens when Oscar hosts who are panned collide.

I am super excited about The Muppets!

Um, really?

Don't ask Kim Cattrall about bikini waxes.

Cameron Diaz calls Justin Timberlake's acting "frickin' weird."

I don't know why this 90210 actress even bothered to wear pants.

Ellen Pompeo is wearing the least supportive workout gear.

Betty White has a reality show on her schedule now.

Katie Holmes talks about her daughter's naughty candy choice.

I can't wait to watch Bravo's new shows!

Star Jones didn't make many lady friends on Celebrity Apprentice.

Where do actresses go to direct? Lifetime.

Elizabeth Banks is a mom.

This is not Nicki Minaj's best side.
Carson Daly is not happy with Britney Spears' camp.

If you have a few million bucks, you can buy Tiger Woods' yacht.

Ugh. Kardashians.

Katy Perry is trying some, um, interesting new looks for her video.

Courtney Cox sure does take a lot of vacations with her co-star and "friend."

Rihanna is talking about her past with Chris Brown.

CBS doesn't exactly want to cut Katie Couric loose.

I'm still not sold on this Wonder Woman.

Love this Bond news!

Oh, Christina Aguilera. Stop this.

I might be done with Batman after Christopher Nolan walks away from it.

Willie Nelson would be a fool to turn this down. Wait. He may not have a choice.

Here's some good news for Lindsay Lohan.

Y'all, Jackie Chan is NOT dead.

If you want to see a shirtless Rob Lowe or hear a story about him and Tom Cruise, click here.

Brooklyn Decker in a bikini. You're welcome, fellas.

On the same day Britney Spears announced her tour with Enrique Iglesias, he said adios. Or did he?

Beyonce's dad is no longer her manager.

Katy Perry's mom is not a fan of her daughter's choices.

Those amazing eyes of Elizabeth Taylors? Genetic mutation. Yeah, when I think of her, I think, "Freak."

I really don't want to wait eight months for Mad Men.

Tony Bennett is recording duets with some interesting ladies.

The Quaids have turned their crazy life into a documentary.

Here's some good news for X-Men fans.

I love everything about this.
Johnny Depp is making an appearance on TV.

To see the worst Lady Gaga impersonator, click here.

Tom Bergeron did what he could to prevent another Chris Brown blowup.

I didn't want to see this, so I'm sharing it with you.

So, let me get this straight: no one wants to see Jessica Simpson act or hear her sing, but everyone wants to dress like her?

Getting this in now so I can remind Cameron Diaz later: this is a horrible idea.

Nope. Not buying this.

Oh  my. Am I the only one who thinks Richard Simmons looks like he died 10 years ago?

Remember when Bret Michaels took one on the head during a performance on CBS? Well, now he's suing.

This is the new Lois Lane.

I don't know how many miles Hillary Clinton has logged as Secretary of State, but I am a little interested in what's in her bag.

This is embarrassing when it happens and you're not kind of famous with paparazzi tailing you.

Two similar yet different performance outfits. First, Lady Gaga.
Next, Britney Spears.

What do you do when you used to be a celebrity and lose everything? Reality TV.

Kate Winslet nearly died shooting Mildred Pearce.

So, about those Black Swan moves by Natalie Portman... maybe they weren't all her. The crazy? That was Natalie.

Reese Witherspoon is married.

I like these ladies, so I'll probably watch their show.

I've said it before, I'll say it again: Bourne without Matt Damon is not worth watching.

Wait. Chris Brown had a publicist? And why won't ABC just let this go?

Lindsay is dropping "Lohan." Yeah. That'll make us all forget she's a train wreck. Also, I'd like her to stay off one of my favorite shows.
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