Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Let's Get Real

I am just old enough to remember when reality television was real.
These seven strangers picked to live in a New York loft and find out what happens when people stop being strangers and start getting real (or something like that - I am also just old enough that I can't remember everything anymore). Their drama was REAL. They said things spontaneously and sometimes regretted them. They realized that what they were doing was an experiment. Now, the networks might as well just call them "reality" shows. Because they're not real.

I fully expect some pretty people who don't have anything else to do (besides shop and talk about how rich they are) would need some guidance from producers trying to find a few episodes out of months of filming. Don't believe those Real Housewives really throw all those parties when there aren't cameras around. They're hardly paying for any of that! And those MTV brats on shows like The Real World and Jersey Shore are given bottles of booze and hot tubs (and condoms, I hope) to encourage bad behavior. I wouldn't be surprised if they don't have writers to give them snappy comebacks in their "confessionals."

But here's why I know these shows shouldn't be able to call themselves reality:

Phaedra, the lady in the back row wearing the peach dress has said so.

"At the end of the day, when people watch the show, they realize it's for entertainment," Parks told Atlanta radio host Rodney Ho. "Once [filming] is on the editing table, it might look like something else. That's part of reality TV. Everything on reality TV isn't as real as you think it is. I try to live without regrets." 
Understanding that she isn't the only person misrepresented on television, the reality star added, "It doesn't matter who you are. Whatever your character is, is what they make it to be. It's not who I am, but who the producers think I am." 
So, when they're fighting and talking about each other behind their backs then pretending to like each other on their next forced outing, know that all of that is for TV. I love the Housewives franchise, but I just don't believe any of those ladies like each other. I don't think it's the fame that splits them. I think they just weren't friends to begin with. Also, they all see each other as competition - for the next silly song crazy people will want to be their ringtone, a shot on some other reality show or they actually think they deserve a chance to act in a fully-scripted TV show/movie/play.

Another example comes from the queen of family promotion, Kris Jenner. This is a lady who would probably like to un-menopause herself so she could have a few more kids she could force onto the world. Instead, she practically commands her adult children to get married and have dollar bills babies.

I am ashamed to admit I have watched a few episodes of her family's show (would you believe I was temporarily paralyzed and unable to reach my remote to change the channel?). I fully believe the ONLY one of these Kardashians not acting is Khloe The Amazon. She calls everyone on their shenanigans and isn't afraid to be unpretty.

Still, Momma Kris doesn't want you to think what you're watching is real.
"People really don't know the true story, so you have a lot of people making assumptions and judging us unfairly at times. And people really need to listen and just be patient and wait for everything to reveal itself." 
OK. That isn't a full denial that their reality is fake. It's almost like a tease to buy her book and wait for the new season of one of their shows. But, seriously, when you put on a big multi-million dollar wedding and the marriage only lasts 72 days, you can't expect people not to question your motives. When you put all your business out there like a Kardashian, people will judge you - and they won't be nice about it. Suck it up or stop putting your personal stuff out there.

These silly shows should come with a disclaimer that what you're watching is not 100% real. Not because it would make me feel better, but because it would make people who become fully invested in these shows understand that what they're watching is ALL made for TV. That's the real truth.
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