Friday, November 11, 2011

Week In Pop Culture

Some days I feel like Suri Cruise.
Anderson Cooper's daytime show is sticking around a little longer.

I think we just want to believe this story about Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves.

Nicki Minaj may not be nice.

If you want to see which actress wore these, click here.
Stories like this make me really eager to get my hands on Diane Keaton's memoir.

Nia Long had a baby.

Mel Gibson may have gotten another woman pregnant.

Madonna kind of grosses me out.

All of you people following Ashton Kutcher on Twitter need to know this.

Rachael Ray wants you to see something.
Adam Levine singing to his Victoria's Secret model as she walked the runway seems like a match made by marketing.

Tori Spelling is showing off her daughter.

Piers Morgan is leaving his talent show to focus on his CNN show no one watches.

Tom Cruise is talking about Rock of Ages.

Morgan Freeman is getting a nice honor.

Rock Center doesn't need ratings, but I bet NBC affiliates would like it to not be their late news lead-in.

This is a creepy cookbook.

Robin Williams won't host the Oscars.

Ali Landry is showing off her baby boy.

I'm wowed by Kate Winslet's wax figure!
Dakota Fanning's ad for Marc Jacobs has been banned.

Here's what that kid from Jerry Maguire looks like now.

I'm a little disappointed in Beyonce's pregnancy craving.

Kids today could probably use their own Goonies.

I cannot believe how amazing Bill Murray has become.

Christie Brinkley is 57. Dammit.
I'd choose a side in this whole "should Kim Kardashian really be in your movie, Tyler Perry" battle, but I don't like Tyler Perry's work, so there.

Chaz Bono should do some ab work before posing shirtless.

Kelly Ripa is going to be Live for a few more years.

Absolutely Fabulous on the big screen could be fun.

The People's Choice Award nominees have been announced.

I might need Kate Winslet's makeup line.

A couple of things about Mariah Carey's weight loss: 1) she looks great; 2) I may follow her plan; 3) I want her to pay for my trainer; 4) her belly looks too smooth to not have been manipulated either by a surgeon or an amazing airbrusher.
A former MTV news guy is calling out Michael Jackson.

If Tina Fey ever wants another reality show-filled break, she can come hang with me.

Remember Oprah? She does have some favorite things (but she's not sending me any of them). Also, I'd like her to put those away.

Chelsea Handler is single.

I don't think I'll get tired of watching this.

Quiet Ryan - watch more funny videos
I will pass on celebrity-inspired Cabbage Patch Kids.

If you can handle Matthew McConaughey shirtless a lot, click here.

Thankfully, Brett Ratner's jerkiness was not without punishment. And now we know where Eddie Murphy stands. The Academy has replaced Ratner. And Billy Crystal will host again!

Have I told you lately that I adore Emma Stone?

Britney Spears's little sister is singing now.

Of all the reasons to fine Larry Crowne (like, not being good for one), this seems a little silly.

This does not sound like a good idea, ABC.

I totally see Robert DeNiro as Bernie Madoff.

Johnny Depp has moved back to the USA.

Rebecca Romijn has twins (not pictured).
The world probably doesn't need a Where's Waldo? movie, but it will get one anyway.

I don't know how this series will work on NBC.

Adele is on the road to recovery!

Part of my likes that celebrities are all about dark roots. The other part of me wishes they'd be more about random gray hairs.

Matthew Fox is now suing that lady he allegedly punched in the lady bits.

Carrie Fischer lost 50 pounds.

I'm finally getting on board with Anne Hathaway's Catwoman.

I cannot wait to see this video with Nicki Minaj and Willow Smith!
I can kind of see this actress as Princess Diana.

Cyndi Lauper should not have done this.

I really hope someone explained to Justin Bieber how paternity tests worked (and by "explained," I mean I hope they let him watch a few episodes of Maury Povich).

Kirstie Alley still looks good.

Avril Lavigne was in a fight.

Kelly Osbourne suffered a nasty accident.

Streaking happened at the MTV EMAs.
I'm pretty sure four hours in jail won't put Lindsay Lohan on the right path. And this does not sound like the "Lindsay Lohan is totally employable" news she wanted. Unless she wants more work like this.

Andy Williams has cancer.

Kim Kardashian is allegedly so distraught over her divorce, she won't film any more episodes of her reality show this year.

This BBC miniseries sounds interesting.

Hillary Swank can't catch a break.

It does not look like Bill Cosby enjoys getting flashed.

While I like some of these people, their bad choice of work justifies their ranking on this list.

Jennifer Lopez is proving that point with this movie.

Rest in peace, Andy Rooney.
And Joe Frazier.
Also Heavy D.
And Bil Keane.

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