Tuesday, November 1, 2011

November Movies

There are so many movies out this month, if I want to see all the good ones, I might have to dedicate Saturdays AND Sundays to the theaters. Here's which movies are on my list:

J. Edgar

When I first heard about this movie, I wasn't exactly excited. But the more trailers I see, the more excited I get about this. Leonardo DiCaprio ages in this movie. And it's directed by Clint Eastwood. I'm on board even if this isn't awesome, I'll still like it. I may even take it all as fact and not look up any of the crazy claims to see if they're just movie embellishments.

The Descendants

George Clooney is playing a guy his age. Unlike The Ides of March (which I really liked despite not one bit of Ryan Gosling nude), he's not slimey. George is a guy who has a wife who's dying and learns from one of his daughters that his wife cheated on him. It's like George wants to be the only guy in the awards show race! BTW - I'm kind of OK with that.

The Muppets

I have been excited about this movie from the very first word - before I saw a single Muppet walk or talk! I don't care about the story. I'm just nostalgic for this. It will be fun. IT. WILL. BE. FUN!

My Week With Marilyn

It seems like there have been photos of Michelle Williams as Marilyn Monroe for a while. And she looks so much like Marilyn! I'm really curious about this movie - but just, like, matinee curious.

The Artist

This is like an old movie but in 2011. It's a classic story told without special effects or that 3D gimmick. I also love this cast! Cannot wait for this one!

What I'll Rent:
  • A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas - I know the theater version is in 3D, but I think that's not necessary. Also, I pretty much only watch these for NPH, so if I watch at home, I can forward to his scenes.
  • Into The Abyss - I prefer to watch documentaries at home because the good ones make me get rowdy (yell at the screen) and when I do that in the theater, people tend to frown on my behavior.
  • Happy Feet Two - I probably won't add it to my Netflix queue, but I will watch it on HBO.
What I'll Skip:
  • Tower Heist - I like the idea of Eddie Murphy as an ex-con in the movies again, but this just doesn't smell right. Really. It looks like a stinker.
  • The Son of No One - This just looks cheap - like a TV movie.
  • Immortals - Ugh. Mythology. Never been a fan.
  • Melancholia - If the sci-fi part of this didn't lose me, Kirsten Dunst did.
  • Jack and Jill - If we were in the early 90s (when I REALLY liked Adam Sandler), I would make this a must. Instead, it seems like a really long Funny or Die sketch.
  • Twilight: Breaking Dawn - I saw the first movie in this series in the theater. Kristen Stewart annoyed me. I saw half of the second one at home (because, again, Kristen Stewart annoyed me). So, I will not see the first part of the last movie in the series. 
  • Hugo - French orphan? No thanks.
  • Arthur Christmas - This kind of animation creeps me out.
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