Sunday, November 27, 2011

Ruining The Holidays

Remember when the holiday commercials used to be sweet?

Now, they're so gimmicky and just plain annoying!

Take the Target marathon shopper.

There's the dramatic music that reminds me of some really bad 1980s TV show. But the Sue Sylvester track suit, pearls and heels? Who does that? And her glued on grin? What is that? It's like some sort of over-caffeinated cracked out woman who's excited about fighting a crowd of hundreds for a $10 DVD. I love Target, but I've never seen anyone like that. I'd probably punch her. I couldn't take these ads last year, when they were in constant rotation on TV. I want to stab myself in the eyes when I see them this year - and we still have a LONG way to go until Christmas. If I'm gonna have to deal with a Target lady, I'd like this one.

And if you thought that Friday song was annoying, you'll probably hate this.

I don't even like shopping at Kohl's when it's NOT Black Friday (every one of those stores I've been in are always in disarray - I may not mind my closet like that, but when I'm shopping, I want everything organized). So hearing this annoying song to try to get me there is totally ineffective. I hope there's no more Friday specials so I don't have to hear Kohl's work this into another spot. Hopefully, they'll let it go next year.

Just when I was hoping for the opposite of a very Bieber Christmas, this came along.

How is a bunch of dudes who scream like girls at the sight of this girlie-boy supposed to inspire adults to drop some cash at Macy's? If I wander into their store and encounter those guys, they'll be lucky if all I do is roll my eyes at them. Seriously. He's a boy with a lesbian haircut. I don't get it.

So, how about more of these?

Pretty please???
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