Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Too Soon

It's no secret that I love books or that I have an an addiction to buying books. Well, at least I thought one of the booksellers I frequent would know that. I'm going to explain why they don't know me at all.

Last week, I ordered 1Q84 for my Nook. I was curious about the story and because it's more than 900 pages long, I decided the e-book was a million times better than the hardcover version (because I'm not strong enough to haul that around for the many weeks it will take me to get through it). So imagine my surprise when I find this in my inbox this morning:
I have a job! I have a stack of books on my nightstand (and one other already in my Nook ahead of this one)! I have television shows to watch! I have blog posts to write! How could I possibly get through this book in a week? This book is longer than The Bible!

Barnes & Noble, consider this my response to "tell us what you think."
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