Friday, November 25, 2011

Week In Pop Culture

Cameron Diaz has some fantastic legs!
Eva Longoria is a secret smoker.

Kirstie Alley's habit isn't so secret.

Hulk Hogan's divorce settlement sounds painful.

Susan Boyle has a nice house that she doesn't live in.

George Michael has pneumonia.

Jack Wagner just met his 23-year-old daughter.

I am not crying over the "indefinite hiatus" of the Black Eyed Peas.

Hey, dude! That's Jake Gyllenhaal right next to you!
Miley Cyrus is getting a tattoo/tattoos removed.

Nicole Scherzinger is getting cheeky - literally.

I'm not sure the Oscars need a comedy category.

Jeremy Renner is talking about his Bourne role.

Janet Jackson is in the fur business.

A country singer has a baby girl.

Curtis Stone and Lindsay Price have a baby boy.

Pierce Brosnan - the anti-Bond?
Andy Cohen's live late night show will be on five nights a week.

Alyssa Milano's son might be the smallest sports fan.

Lollapalooza sounds like fun - if not for the potential to be kidnapped by cartels.

Hillary Swank's apartment looks cool.

Justin Bieber has taken that paternity test.

Angelina Jolie needs to eat a few cheeseburgers.

Reese Witherspoon's fly is open.
The Rock has lined up another movie I won't see.

The NBC news family - where children of politicos find work.

Uh oh. Jenny McCarthy is looking for love online. If that doesn't work, I'm afraid she's going to look on reality TV.

I'm so glad NBC likes Up All Night.

Casting for the Freddie Mercury biopic is interesting.

It's Beyonce and her bump!
If you can't wait, here are some Dark Knight Rises details.

Katy Perry (and, I presume, her boobs) will host SNL in December.

Jessica Simpson isn't even finished gaining her pregnancy weight and she's already being paid to lose it.

Jason Segel is looking for a girl to hang with his puppets.

Speaking of puppets, NBC has picked up a puppet show.

Wesley Snipes has a large credit card bill.

Lindsay Lohan's dad is back in rehab.

George Clooney had elbow surgery.

Even when she's falling down, Salma Hayek looks great.
VH1 hasn't run out of Divas.

Kristen Wiig is GQ's Bro of the Year.

If Ashton Kutcher thinks he can buy love, he should try buying my like. It's cheaper.

Liza Minnelli is blaming her dog for her broken leg.

I don't know why January Jones isn't carrying her baby.

Jennifer Lopez wants to remind you she's single - and maybe young? And a lip syncher?
Come on, Christina Aguilera!

Here's what the stars wore to the AMAs.

Emma Watson is in school.

The hilarious Amy Poehler was recognized for being funny. And her speech was really funny.

Robin Gibb has cancer.

As often as it seems to happen, Jennifer Love Hewitt does not handle a break up well.

Soon moviegoers will see this guy's business.

ICYMI: Here's why people are speculating Anna Kournikova is pregnant.

This could be a wax Blake Lively for all I know.
Mila Kunis kept her promise to a Marine.

Arrested Development has a new home.

Jeremy London appears to be back in trouble.

One of the Pointer Sisters is in trouble.

Elisabeth Shue is coming to TV.

I'm beginning to get excited about the new Great Gatsby.

I'm also excited about going back to Oz.

Jay-Z sounds like he's going to be a good dad.
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