Friday, November 4, 2011

Week In Pop Culture

I'm starting a rumor that Eva Longoria is trying to steal Victoria Beckham's baby. Here's the proof:
Here's why people shouldn't be excited about all the celebrities on Twitter.

Nia Vardalos is getting a TV show.

I'm pretty sure I don't want to smell like Madonna.

Oh. Now I know why Olivia Munn is famous.

Vivica A. Fox is no longer engaged.

Keith Urban is having throat surgery.

That Survivor guy's cancer has returned.

Um, Lady Gaga, what? And please don't dress like a turkey on Thanksgiving.
Sensitive celebrities will have to act REALLY hard to not be upset with Ricky Gervais at the Golden Globe awards show.

I don't know if this actress could have pulled off The Notebook.

Just one year until James Bond returns! Also, here's the new Bond girl.

Stories like this don't make me change my opinion of James Franco.

Stanley Tucci is engaged to Emily Blunt's sister.

Jon Bon Jovi is selling his Big Apple home.

Eddie Murphy doesn't drink. More for me!

A weight loss drug contributed to that Police Academy star's death.

Beyonce baby bump update!
I think this alleged relationship is creepy.

Drug testers scared Serena Williams - and she ran to her panic room.

Lindsay Lohan is going to jail.

I'm starting a petition to get Melanie Griffith to eat a burger.

Chris Martin isn't breaking any Jay-Z news.

A couple of divorcees appear to be back together.

I'm surprised it took this long for a Justin Bieber paternity suit.

While I'm not happy Regis is leaving daytime TV, I like the first temporary replacement host.

I don't know anything about this movie, but I'll see it based on this picture.
Queen Latifah has a new gig.

Fellas, Zoey Deschanel is available.

Chris Brown doesn't know the difference between sexy and creepy.

Selma Blair has a good attitude on the paparazzi.

Hugh Grant has a baby girl.

Gisele Bundchen is a little strange.

Ashton Kutcher does not seem serious about saving his marriage.

Britney Spears did a naughty dance for a Jonas brother.

Ladies, no one will notice your Botox if you do this:
If famous ladies (or even kind of famous ladies) would stop doing this, maybe regular girls would stop, too.

Rihanna had to cancel some performances because she was sick.

Sir Roger Moore isn't a fan of the Other Bonds.

I'm not surprised Kim Kardashian has filed for divorce. I'm surprised the marriage lasted 72 days.

And if her mother could have saved Nicole Brown Simpson, why didn't she?

Steven Tyler's still rockin' after his mishap.
Britney Spears' tour rider sounds silly.

I can't tell if Bette Midler is being serious or silly about Lady Gaga.

Jimmy Kimmel is hosting nerd prom.

I'd be interested in hearing what kind of music these two could make.

Hey! It's Joan Van Ark!

I don't know who's trying to pass herself off as a nearly-nude Taylor Swift, but she should stop.

Get ready for new music from the late Amy Winehouse.

Lady Gaga's microphone isn't appropriate for all performances.

That mishap on The Expendables set turned deadly.

Janice Dickinson was the original supermodel.
I'm not sure we need to reboot In Living Color.

Marie Osmond is feeling better.

Now, for some celebrity Halloween costumes:
Taylor Swift gave her parents a very nice gift.

Lindsay Lohan bought new teeth.

Susan Sarandon's daughter is married.

I guess since no one's willing to pay her for alleged baby news, Jessica Simpson's going to do things like this in public. So, she made it official.
This news has me cheering the economy.

Here's how you stay George Clooney's ex-girlfriend.

Oh, Ricki Lake! Don't do this anymore!

If people keep paying Arnold Schwarzenegger to make action movies, he'll do them.

Poor Adele!

I love these!

Patton Oswalt speaks for me here.

Mario Cantone is married.

Sandra Bullock's son is one lucky boy.

Rest in peace, Leonard Stone.

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