Tuesday, November 22, 2011

OOOH! Shiny Things!

Like most girls, I am drawn to shiny things. You know, things like this:
So, when the folks at Palladium decided they needed to put a celebrity in their campaign, they should have thought more carefully. This ad caught my attention, but probably not for the reason the jewelry company hoped.
The ring shown is an eye catcher. Pamela Anderson - not so much. I mean, the words "I'm so over heavy metal" can't possibly be true. I read US Weekly. I know her history (if you're not familiar, Google with caution). Why would I want to be like her? I applaud Ms. Anderson for getting work that mostly keeps her covered, but when I see her jewelry is hardly the first thing anyone notices. Not smart.
Kelly Osbourne is a classier choice, but there's absolutely NO WAY she's over heavy metal. Her dad would kill her! I wouldn't exactly kill for that ring, but I would probably find a way to slide it off someone's finger and onto mine, then wander off like I forgot I had it.
Well, this is just not fair. These ladies always look classy and it really wouldn't matter what they're wearing - on their bodies or fingers or ears. And you know what's nice about this? It's REAL. They're not all airbrushed and pretending like they're not into rockers (FTR, their husbands are not in the music biz). I'm sure these ladies didn't keep these jewels. They could have even been paid to wear them. But they're not selling a silly line. They might like their jewelry to be lightweight, but they're not being punny. Palladium jewelry should make note of that.
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