Thursday, April 14, 2011

Open Letter To Pregnant Women

I get it. You're expecting a baby (or two or more). But, this whole, let's take a nude photo to remember the time has GOT TO STOP.
Is there anything beautiful about this Mariah Carey photo? It appears even OK magazine couldn't fully embrace it, plastering eight other people on the cover in what appears to be an attempt to say, "We're not all about the naked pregnant singer! PROMISE!"

But Mariah's face even seems to be saying, "I know I'm being paid to do this, but what the hell was I thinking?" And her husband, Nick Cannon, is totally creepy - squeezing her boobs while covering her nipples and appearing to whisper in her ear. He could be saying, "It's all good!" or anything else to keep Mariah from reaching for a top.

It doesn't get any better here.

I remember when Demi Moore did this.
I thought she looked like Demi Moore in the face, but, my God - that belly is huge! At the time, it was quite brave of an actress to show herself like that. Now, I realize it's all a publicity stunt. These celebrities want us to look at them.

I'd rather see them not posed. Like this.
Kate Hudson could be paid to wear that bikini or wrap or jewelry or sunglasses. But she's natural - enjoying her time in the sun. She's not screaming, "BUY THIS MAGAZINE TO ALMOST SEE MY BABYMAKER!"

Totally more appropriate - especially for the non-famous pregnant ladies. Also not creepy:

If you want to take those celebrity-style photos, I'm not saying you shouldn't. I'm just saying, PLEASE, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, DON'T GO PUBLIC WITH THEM. I'm pretty sure your unborn child will not appreciate it when he/she learns words.

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