Monday, February 28, 2011

11 Stars Who Should Host The Oscars

While watching the Academy Awards last night, I spotted a few stars who might would be less awkward hosts than James Franco and Anne Hathaway.

It's not that I didn't love them, it's just that I'd rather watch them in movies than host (that's even with Anne's amazing voice and gorgeous self). So, in order of appearance, here are the stars I'd rather see host the Oscars.

Alec Baldwin
Yes, he's hosted before. But he's good at it! He's funny. He's quick. And he's not afraid to poke fun of others - or himself - to entertain/ease tension.

Plus, I could listen to him read Google (I don't know if they make phone books anymore, so this is a good option) and not get bored.


Also, note to the people who stack this show with star appearances/presenters: if you choose people who are comfortable on stage/have hosted, they make your hosts look not-so-good - especially if the hosts look like they're trying to hard to act like they're having a good time. Or if they look like they're high.

Justin Timberlake
There is nothing this guy can't do!

He sings (though I'm getting a little tired of waiting on him to get to the studio and make a new album)!

He dances (last I saw, he was dancing on talk shows - appears to be limiting himself to 30 seconds at a time)!

He's funny ("I'm Banksy." And have you caught him on SNL? Dude seems to bring out the funny in everyone on that show)!

Also, he's eye candy. And he's charming. And he's a little bit like Alec Baldwin in that he can pick up on the crowd and serve up what's needed to keep things moving.

Billy Crystal
Yes, he's hosted eight times.

So what?

He's GOOD! Like a good host, he walks the line between honest criticism of the show and being funny.

Plus, it doesn't seem like he's really doing  movies lately, so let's give him a job. We already know he won't disappoint! He didn't get that standing ovation for nothing! I think the crowd wanted him to just take over. I know I did!

Jeff Bridges
He might be an odd choice, but he is one of the most likable people in Hollywood. It's not just because he's The Dude.

He can sing (see Crazy Heart).

He can pull off a funny line.

He's charming.

He has a beard.

What more can you possibly need in a host?

Sandra Bullock
The only lady I saw take the stage last night and thought, "She's so great, why isn't she hosting this?"

She's gorgeous.

She's quick.

She's funny.

And after her horrible 2010, I don't think there's anyone who could say a bad thing about her - not even Bombshell McGee.

Seriously, Academy people. Consider Sandy.

PS 22

Look, I know they're not stars in everyone's universe. But they're among the most popular kids on YouTube - and that counts for something these days. If these kids just sang/hummed the music from the movies nominated and the show went without a monologue and just got right down to the awards, this would be fine by me.

Those are my suggestions for next year - just from the people who showed up on last night's telecast. Other people I wouldn't mind seeing host:
  • Tina Fey
  • Amy Poehler
  • Neil Patrick Harris
  • Jon Hamm
  • Matt Damon
I won't even demand payment if any of them are chosen. I just ask that they serve booze at the show so I have a better chance of "winning" my drinking game.
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