Thursday, December 8, 2011

Ladies Have To Stop Doing This

It's not easy being a girl/lady/woman. Not because of sexism, but because some of us are making it hard for everyone to feel good about themselves.

I'm not sure who Kelly Brook is, but this is what she did to convince people her Twitter account is really hers.
Now, she could have taken a fully-clothed picture of herself at her computer with Twitter in the background. But she decided it would be more persuasive to appear to be naked and stone faced while taking a picture of herself in her bathroom.

Demi Moore is a repeat offender.
Ladies, learn from Demi: no matter how amazing you look in a bikini at ANY age, your man will stray.

Miley Cyrus has done it.
Lisa Rinna has done it.
Kim Kardashian has done it.
While I get that they're feeling smokin' hot when they take the picture (or have someone take it for them), they should stop. Yes, it's a million times better than those paparazzi pictures where they purposely get the back of the thigh cellulite or the belly bulge from the skinniest star as she bends over (those should be forbidden). But it's making non-celebrities think they need to do it.

Take 14-year-old Angie Varona. The Florida girl took pictures of herself for her boyfriend and posted them on a private photo sharing site. The problem: she says her account was hacked. Now, her photos are all over the Internet. Allegedly without her permission. Photos like this.
A Google image search of her name gets 132,000 hits! She's not even showing her privates - not a nipple in sight! But you better believe every creep out there has seen her pictures and made some disgusting comments.

Y'all, the Internet is a permanent record of your good and bad behavior. If you think you're doing this in private and no one will ever see it, you're just dumb. Stop. And if you're being like the celebrities and putting it out there for some positive feedback, know that it is ONLY about what you look like and not who you are (smart, kind, generous, charitable - all of that is forgotten when people known and unknown start leaning in closer to the monitor/phone to see if they can magically make what's covering your lady bits disappear).

It's a desperate and sad bid for attention. I'm not just saying this because I couldn't pull this off. I'm saying this because every time I see someone do this, my initial reaction is "WOW!" then sad face. Every one of these pictures sets ladies back. You can have an awesome bikini body and be a good person. Sadly, the second part of that sentence is wiped out when you appear nearly naked.

Celebrities shouldn't be a child's sole role model. But they are usually one of them. Perhaps they should remember their fans - who are often underage girls - will copy their behavior. Those nearly nude pictures of stars may help them get on the cover of Maxim or score them a sexpot role in a movie or on TV. But ordinary girls should know those pictures may keep them from getting a job. Not a problem if the girl just wants a sugar daddy and a spot on one of those "Real Housewives" shows. But the mothers of those girls should explain why that's a bad decision - unless those mothers are actually on one of those shows. That's not a lasting career. It's not independence. It's not respectful. It's a path to sadness.

So, please.

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