Friday, December 23, 2011

Week In Pop Culture

Let's start with Molly Sims. She probably made the airbrusher mad because there wasn't much to work with here.
Hilary Duff, you should know I don't like it when ladies do this with their bumps!

Ivanka Trump may have stolen a shoe design.

George Michael is out of the hospital.

Jennifer Aniston and her man sent out a holiday card.

Guess I won't be moving to NYC any time soon: Alec Baldwin doesn't want to be mayor.

Brigitte Nielsen was in an accident.

Jessica Simpson is still pregnant.
Jeremy Sisto is going to be a dad.

Paul McCartney has a new album out in February.

Anyone interested in this talk show?

Adam Lambert was arrested.

I know Heidi Klum likes to dress up, but I don't get this.
I cannot believe they're still making these movies.

Remember that girl from the Blair Witch Project? Here's what she's doing now.

Eddie Murphy's ex-wife has some serious money issues.

Here's some not-so-surprising news about the Kardashian's clothing.

A Dutch magazine editor is out of work after some really wrong comments he made about Rihanna.

A former co-star of Sean Penn's is not a fan.

Debra Messing has split from her husband.

Beyonce bump watch.
HBO canceled a couple of shows I liked, but kept one I did not like.

Stephanie Seymour in a bikini.

If you've wondered what Andy Cohen's home looks like, take a peek.

Jonah Hill celebrated his birthday with some Real Housewives.

One of those Real Housewives is going to be on Glee.

Gerard Butler had to be rescued.

Jon Bon Jovi is not dead, y'all.

Daniel Craig may have five more Bond movies in him.

I wish I was on Kiefer Sutherland's holiday mailing list!
Fergie and Josh Duhamel's holiday card is cute.

Chaz Bono is no longer engaged.

Jessica Lange and Sam Shepard have broken up.

Betty White's 90th birthday will be a TV special.

Nobody gives James Franco a D. Allegedly.

Oh, Dolly!

Ugh. Kardashian Kristmas.

I would like Jennifer Hudson to stop the dieting.

Jon Hamm. Just because.
Kobe Bryant's divorce won't be cheap.

Rihanna was sick during a concert.

Scarlett Johansson does not like her media/blogger-given nickname.

Kelly Osbourne is hurt again.

Michelle Obama is the latest famous person to be invited to the Marine Corps Ball.

Judy Greer is a married lady.

Helen Mirren. Wow!
Judd Apatow sounds like an awesome dad!

I don't want to believe Will and Jada are getting divorced. :(

Here's how Brad Pitt celebrated his 48th birthday.

Pamela Anderson is still wearing bikinis.

A Backstreet Boy is married.

Blake Lively must always look cute when she bakes.
Ellen DeGeneres and Brad Pitt have something in common.

David Cross did not enjoy his Chipmunk experience.

Carly Simon's memoir is full of sexy time name dropping.

Get ready, Broadway! William Shatner is headed your way!

Maybe Flashdance will win a few Broadway fans?

Sad news about Etta James.

This might be the most fashionable family ever.
J.R. Martinez is going to be a dad.

Alyson Hannigan is expecting baby number two.

Charlie Day has a new baby boy.

Little Suri Cruise had a public meltdown.

VH1 is still doing that "Divas" thing.

And I don't understand their "Relationship Rehab" show.

Whoopi is not at all ashamed to fart on television.

Snoop Dogg's ways may cost him.

I'm a little envious of these stars who bought Elizabeth Taylor's jewelry.
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