Sunday, December 18, 2011

On The Fifth Day of Tweepmas...

Twitter brought to me:

Since there really isn't anything Diddy can't do, I'm sure I can learn and share five things about him from his Twitter feed. Here goes!
Yeah! Take that, jerks!
This is REALLY important for some of you to accept. One thing I have learned from my job is that when something is over, you get a fresh start. To go back and kick yourself over the things that went right/wrong is  just a waste of time. Learn from yesterday to make today better. I want to trademark that so I can put it on one of those posters with a cute animal on it. Diddy, ya listenin'?
Oh, SO many things! I would go to the Grand Canyon and walk out on that insane glass observation deck. I would skydive. I would swim with sharks. I would walk through fire (in one of those flame-retardant suits). But I am a scaredy cat. I wouldn't do one of those things until scientists release the bravery pill. Don't think that's not being developed now.
I don't even care if that vodka Diddy represents requires him to say that, you people need to know that! The price of a cab is much cheaper than a DWI or worse. If you've been drinking and someone tells you you shouldn't drive, HEAR THEM. You can't. And if you can't put the key in the door, that is a sign from above telling you you have no business getting behind the wheel. That's your free advice from me and Diddy. Never in a million years did I think I'd get to collaborate with Diddy! If I had a bucket list, I would be crossing that off right now!
OK. Now, I'm confused. While this picture does not imply he's about to drink and drive, Diddy  has presented us with a cocktail. I'm regretting finding this on a Sunday when the liquor stores are closed. This actually sounds yummy - for the alert drunk who likes a cocktail that's not syrupy sweet. I've never had peach vodka but I can't imagine it's too sweet. It should be mellow - like Diddy. I will sample this cocktail before the year's up!

Thanks, Diddy, for good cheer!


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