Thursday, December 15, 2011

On The Second Day of Tweepmas...

Twitter gave to me...

Now, if you're shouting at the computer, "Mike Tyson is a boxer! He's not a musician!" You should do three things:
  1. Stop shouting at your computer, crazypants.
  2. Watch this.
  3. Watch this:

So, now that I've settled that little disagreement, I'm giving you two Twitter gems from Mr. Tyson.
Seriously. Try buying a gift for someone who has everything. Ask 'em what they want and you'll get a list of things you can't afford. Try scouring stores and the best you'll get is a cheap gag gift. Who wins then?
GOOD. TO. KNOW. Now, I'm going to learn to command my nose to bleed so that if I'm ever around Mr. Tyson and he's feeling punchy (or he's read this and is not happy about it) I can let it rip and while he's trembling in fear I will run like my life depends on it. Because it would. He's crazy strong!

But also, a good singer. Never forget that. I will be first in the iTunes line to buy his albums if he ever decides to record one. Until then, it's just a YouTube dream!

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