Friday, December 30, 2011

Week In Pop Culture

Beyonce may have had her baby.

Not surprised Elle MacPherson is still rocking a bikini.
Maria Menounos totally works out.

Kelly Clarkson is endorsing a GOP candidate for president.

Wynonna Judd is engaged.

Here's Hollywood's newest couple. Allegedly.

Chris Brown is being allowed to perform at the Grammy's.

Now we know why Debra Messing's marriage is kaput.

Here's Anjelica Huston in a bathing suit.

I don't know what to think about Sylvester Stallone.
Ryan Reynolds met Blake Lively's family.

Steven Tyler is engaged.

This looks like an interesting double date crew.

Mischa Barton is either enjoying some sun or hoping to be cast as a vampire on True Blood.

Kristen Wiig may have a new boyfriend.

Lady Gaga's ex-assistant is suing her.

Love seeing a couple of funny ladies out for a stroll!

I have never heard anyone say a bad thing about Will Smith. Until now.

Madonna needs some style tips from her daughter.
Daniel Craig seems a bit angry these days.

John Legend is engaged.

Sinead O'Connor's marriage is already over.

Do we REALLY need a sequel to Pineapple Express?

Of COURSE Dolly Parton's memoir is going to be a Broadway musical!

Katy Perry needs a more supportive bikini top. And she may be having marriage problems.

Robin Thicke is sharing too much information.

Nelly has one heckuva credit card bill to pay.

Look, Mariah Carey. We get it. You lost weight.
Hugh Hefner and one of his exes are in a battle over a dog.

Matthew McConaughey is engaged.

Demi Lovato let Disney know she doesn't find eating disorder jokes funny.

Maria Shriver may be reconsidering her split from Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Mel Gibson's ex-wife hit the jackpot!

This may have been a booty Tweet from Jason Segel. But he says it wasn't.

Robert DeNiro has a new baby girl.

Liam Neeson pulled a Fergie.

Rest in peace, Cheetah.
And Pedro Armendariz, Jr.

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