Friday, December 23, 2011

On The Tenth Day of Tweepmas...

Twitter gave to me...

Some of you may only know him from that little mishap involving a song and Michele Bachmann. He's so much more than that! But, if that's your only exposure, allow me to introduce you to him through these ten Tweets.
This might be true. I'd try it if I had a tree (I'm refusing to buy one until science makes a tree that doesn't drop needles from the minute you get it in the door through six months after it's gone). Also, this sounds like it could be a hangover cure (minus the tree water).
BEST. GINGERBREAD. COOKIES. EVER. Um, these could also be me when I wake up in the morning. Seriously, my hair is out of control in the AM!
I'm gonna 4th this. Ever since I saw that Behind The Music on Missy, all I've wanted is some new music from her. My iPod craves it!
I will never understand why jerks follow people they don't like/constantly disagree with. Why would you want to get all worked up over something like that? Power to the people who block those losers instead of engaging them!
Those might be the only things that are what they claim to be at Red Lobster. And they're the only things I'll eat there.
Me, too! I once had Amazon Tweet at me and I thought it was the puppets from the commercials! Then, I was impressed that puppet fingers could type. Which is crazy. Or is that me?
I'd like to be the first to make this the Dr. Pepper Generation! Then, I could put a "Dr." in front of my name and make people think I finally have a "real" job!
If this doesn't keep you from eating Hot Pockets, nothing will. WARNING: DO NOT CLICK THAT LINK IF YOU'RE EATING.
Seriously - I <3 this album so much, I'm looking forward to my holiday road trip so I can listen to it 1.5 times each way!
I mean, really! Nothing makes me feel more OCD than a glimpse at my iPhone and iPod screens! I feel like I am constantly cleaning them - even though I have the screen protectors on them (only prevents scratches - not prints). And while I don't have big fingers (I've seen ladies with MUCH larger hands than mine), why do the keys have to be so small? Is this why autocorrect exists - because they knew the keys were small?


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