Saturday, December 24, 2011

On The Eleventh Day of Tweepmas...

Twitter brought to me...

I don't really love her music, but I think she's a great young lady! She never shows too much skin. She's positive. And she seems super nice! Don't believe me? Here are eleven things I learned from her Tweets.
She's a wrapper! And a REALLY good one! Would a naughty girl put that much care into presenting a gift? NO. Things aren't just slapped into a gift bag with some tissue paper (not that there's anything wrong with that). Those gifts are so pretty, if I was given one, I wouldn't even care what was inside. I might just keep it wrapped - unless I was told there was chocolate inside. Then, all bets are off!
I <3 that store SO much! If I won a million dollars, I would buy out the place - starting with the fancy knives, then working my way to the copper cookware (but only if they come with someone to drop by the house and polish them on the regular). Like Taylor, I usually settle for the edibles. They're affordable and ALWAYS yummy!
You straight hair people have NO idea what this means. When you have curls, getting a good haircut and a nice blowout is, like, the best day! Taylor is much braver than I am. I don't do bangs because when I wear curls, it looks like I have antennas. Cute when I was a kid. As a lady, I look a little homelessy.
Why have I never done this? I want to have a snow globe party!
I still don't get this "writing on my arm" business, but it's a little cuter with a kitten in the picture!
This is why you should never limit yourself to just one genre of music. Appreciate every bit of it (even if it's just the teeniest bit) because that's what musicians do! Haven't you ever seen an episode of "Crossroads?" And CMT, if you're reading this, how about you release those episodes as albums so I can have 'em on my iPod?
Um, yeah the sharks can totally hear you! My approach to sharks is very similar to Elmer Fudd and his, "Be bary bary quiet. I'm hunting rabbits!" approach. If I don't say a word, sharks will never know that I am:

  1. scared of them
  2. worried they'll eat me in my dreams
  3. worried they'll eat me in real life (which is why I don't get in murky water)
If popping bubble wrap doesn't make you happy, you need medication.
What??! is right! I don't know how those work, but I'd like someone to send me some so I can find out!
TRUTH. Without friends, you're nothing! 
Woah. I seriously love my friends and trust them to be my conscience. But I am not letting ANY of them come at me with a pair of scissors unless I have left a tag on my clothing. Still, it looks like Taylor gave Liz some pretty good bangs. So, maybe, just maybe, if Taylor and I ever become friends, I'll let her give my hair a trim.


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