Monday, December 19, 2011

On The Sixth Day of Tweepmas...

Twitter brought to me...

Yes, that IS her "Poker Face." And she WAS "Born This Way." But Lady Gaga is more than the makeup, meat dress and cross-dressing gimmicks. If you took all that away and just gave her a piano, she'd still rock the house. Give her a Twitter account and she'll teach you a lot. Don't believe me? Here are six Twitter gems I learned from Gaga.
I don't even know who that's supposed to be! I do know that it makes me want to learn how to draw. I'd settle for a coloring book by that artist. I'd use my scented markers to bring the images to life! Gaga, can you make that happen?
Wow. I thought I was really bad at making comparisons. Truth. I won't say how far I've gone because I don't want to offend those of you who don't know me. An old tampon? Too far, Gaga. TOO. FAR.
How many famous folk would be on board with their image being used as a glammed up creepy Halloween costume? The only problem with this one: you'd might have to spend a lot of time explaining that you're Gaga. People might just mistake you for someone who slapped together a costume at the last minute. Unless you were singing.
I seriously believe Gaga would welcome countless strangers into her bed for a cuddle. I don't see any other celebrities saying things like this. Well, not any that aren't borderline pedophiles. If not for security - and probably a few restraining orders - the little monsters would do this. You know who you are.
I think the message here is beauty hurts. Or only people who don't want to have feeling in their feet will wear shoes like this. Either way, I'm sticking to my shoes that don't bind my feet like a geisha. Ouch.
Like that previous picture, this one had no message. I'm thinking it's this: if you walk a mile in Amy Winehouse's shoes, you'll be one with nature.

And nature is one step closer to Gaga.


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