Friday, December 16, 2011

Week In Pop Culture

Let's start by pointing out Charlie Sheen is alive but not looking 100%.
Britney Spears is engaged.

If you wanted a closer look at Anne Hathaway's engagement ring, here you go.

Denzel Washington may be joining the cast of a movie based on a TV show.

Jennifer Aniston says she's put stuff in her face.

Foo Fighters fans made New Zealand tremble.

Remember that kid from My Girl? You should see her now!

Howard Stern is going to judge America's Got Talent.

Courtney Love was evicted from her NYC apartment.

Sofia Vergara, we can see your bum!
Golden Globe nominations have been announced.

Tom Sizemore is writing his memoir.

In case you're interested (I am not), Donald Trump and Rosie O'Donnell are in a new war.

What is wrong with George Clooney's dog that it took meatballs to make it love him?

Melanie Griffith is the latest celebrity to misbehave on a plane.

Cameron Diaz allegedly has a new hookup pal.

If this story about Derek Jeter is true, he's a creep.

Look, y'all. Demi Moore doesn't care what you think about her not changing her Twitter name.

Matthew McConaughey has lost his mind hair.
The SAG Award nominees were announced.

Elizabeth Taylor's jewelry sold at auction and I didn't even get a diamond crumb. :(

Fantasia has a baby boy.

The spooky house from American Horror Story is for sale.

I can't wait to not watch Eva Longoria's CW show.

I'm a little creeped out by Tony Bennett.

Kim Kardashian totally over dressed for relief work in Haiti.

Tina Fey went to an event sans makeup - and she looked pretty good!
Paula Abdul got a little angry on Kimmel.

I will accept Matt Damon's "no more Bourne for me" reasoning, but I don't have to like it.

Katie Couric is single.

Interesting. A movie about The Smothers Brothers.

Charles Barkley is crediting Weight Watchers for his slimmer self.

Sarah Palin is trying to sell a show about her husband and his snowmobiles.

Barry Manilow is going under the knife - but not on his face.

Will Ferrell is peddling cheap beer.

Jennifer Love Hewitt may be the ultimate sad girl.
Kate Winslet's boyfriend has a crazy name.

Tori Spelling's home life is strange.

Renee Zellweger is selling one of her homes.

Nick Nolte is finally talking about that crazy mugshot.

I'd vote for Jay-Z.

I don't want to wait three years for another Adele album!

Val Kilmer has finally evened things up with the IRS.

Meryl Streep is 62, proud of it and AMAZING!
Hillary Duff is super pregnant.

Salma Hayek knows how to get little girls to pray.

How Hollywood types can get it wrong: telling Ryan Gosling he's not handsome enough.

Alec Baldwin probably shouldn't accept any food/drinks from a flight attendant. And his antics may keep American Airlines travelers from seeing 30 Rock.

Lindsay Lohan isn't very smart. But she is surprising the judge. Her sister needs to eat something.

Chris Tucker has one heckuva tax bill.

Kelly Rowland had a moment of strange.

A former Real Housewife has pissed off Barbra Streisand.

Courtney Love should put those away.
Super cute Nate Berkus has lost his daytime talk show.

Jennifer Aniston - sexiest woman of all time?

Why does the original Blue Lagoon need to be remade?

I'm opposed to another Friday movie.

Jodie Foster's dad is in prison.

Michael Jackson's daughter is acting.

I'm not so sure about this HBO series.

Hollaback at Gwen Stefani's wax figure!
This could be the movie that renews my interest in Eddie Murphy.

Um, Lady Gaga - what?

Ke$ha is disgusting.

Fergie is a normal girl who can't squeeze into her dress.

Rest in peace Christopher Hitchens.

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