Friday, December 16, 2011

On The Third Day of Tweepmas...

Twitter brought to me...

I couldn't tell you when she last released a new song, but I know that she does sing, so that's why she's made the Tweepmas cut. Also, she's a consistent Twitterer who doesn't just push her own agenda. She responds to people. So, here are three gems I learned from her.
It's like some people refuse to accept that a child star can grow up and mature - emotionally AND physically. Hopefully girls her age will take that message to heart (not that there's anything wrong with bought boobies - within reason).
I love my pets, too! However, I don't let them lick me. I have seen where they put their tongues. Totally disgusting. I think that's how the plague started. But if Miley thinks that's the perfect start to the day, good on her! I'd be happier if my dog or cat could make me breakfast, but to each her own.
OOOH! Pretty! Since I refuse to put up a tree (hate the needles, hate the fake tree more), I may just come back to this post each day to admire the tree Miley decorated. It has the perfect combination of bright colored balls and white lights (the only lights I find acceptable on a holiday tree).

I'm so glad I took some time to learn three things about Miley! I like her a little more now! Can't wait to see who teaches me four things tomorrow!


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