Friday, December 2, 2011

Week In Pop Culture

Nicki Minaj is a real life Barbie Girl!

This is why Olivia Munn is famous.

This GQ list of "Least Influential People" is right on.

ZOMG! I am SUPER excited about the return of Dallas!

Katy Perry and Russell Brand want you to know their love is forever.

It definitely sounds like this category should be part of the regular Grammy Awards show.

Selma Blair is losing her hair.

Um, Tom Cruise. We can totally see your pit stains. But this Scientology story about him is worth missing.
Remember those Hanson kids? They're getting in the beer business.

Not buying this alleged feud.

I don't know that Mariah Carey's wardrobe is appropriate for this song and with Bieber.

Mindy McCready is a big, ol' mess.

Jennifer Lopez doesn't know the meaning of discreet.

Daniel Day Lewis is so Abraham Lincoln, it's scary!

The Grammy Awards (the only music awards that count) announced their nominees.

Rihanna's blonde now - and wearing jean shorts from the 1990s.
Kris Humphries finally acknowledges what all of the world knows: his marriage to Kim Kardashian was a fraud.

Does anyone actually believe Courtney Love is Lindsay Lohan's sobriety coach?

Also, Lindsay's little sister might not be telling the truth here.

Ashton Kutcher knows how to keep me from changing my opinion of him.

Sara Gilbert has a new girlfriend.

Charlie Sheen.

Hugh Jackman's wife wants you all to know he's NOT gay.

Brooke Burke is 40. That hurts.
Know who agrees with me that Hollywood should stop with the remakes/reboots? John Goodman.

Ricky Martin is going to be on Glee. So is Gloria Estefan.

Jessica Simpson is the opposite of classy.

Elvis Costello doesn't want you to buy his box set.

Ugh. ANOTHER one of the Kardashian clan might be on DWTS.

Speaking of Kardashians, Daniel Craig just made me love him a little more.

Reese Witherspoon might be more injury-prone than me.

Run! Save your ears! Paris Hilton is "making music" again!

When did Marie Osmond start looking like a dude dressed as Marie Osmond?
Eva Longoria didn't learn anything from her last marriage: she's now gushing about her new man.

Regis may have found his next job.

Stylists don't want to work with Kristen Stewart.

Maybe I have something in common with Lady Gaga.

Bullies targeted Charlize Theron when she was in high school. Also, she almost fell down this week.

Bethenny Frankel won't have a daytime TV show any time soon.

Maggie Gyllenhaal is expecting her second baby.

Jennifer Nettles is married.

Tobey Maguire had to pay back some of his gambling winnings.

Why is Kate Hudson sucking it in?
One of the TLC ladies is broke.

Um, Hope Solo, this is NOT why you didn't win DWTS.

I had no idea Kelly Preston had 39 pounds to lose.

These photos do not convince me Kate Gosselin is actually working at Coupon Cabin.

Anne Hathaway is engaged.

Christian Bale won't play Batman again.

The latest Twitter feud: Cher and Nicki Minaj.

That tattoo belongs to Ben Affleck. Seriously.
Cindy Crawford can still rock a bikini.

Paris Hilton had to sell a LOT of fake hair to make this Black Friday purchase.

LeAnn Rimes really wants people to look at her.

I kind of admire Demi Lovato for keeping right on singing after this accident.

Sounds like Miley Cyrus will say anything to get attention remind people she's not a kid anymore.

If you rent Pamela Anderson's Malibu home, I'd recommend staying out of the hot tub.

Aziz Ansari's dream date is pretty funny.

Here's why Child Protective Services need to visit Tori Spelling's home.
Jane Krakowski is more baby appropriate.

Lily Allen has a baby girl.

Penelope Cruz cut off her hair.

These two exes had a close call.

Chaz Bono is engaged.

Rest in peace, Patrice O'Neal.

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