Sunday, December 25, 2011

On The Twelfth Day of Tweepmas...

Twitter brought to me...

Yes, he's still making music. See?

Since this is the last day of Tweepmas, I'm giving you the twelve things I learned from his Tweets.
Yeah, so why do we still have nerds look like that on TV and in movies? I think the current nerd tell is fancy car and hot girlfriend. You know, because nerds are rich. They're also hiring the people who made fun of them. Maybe Beyonce was wrong? It's nerds, not girls, who rule the world?
Looks like a store clerk was having fun stocking the shelves!
That's better than dying in a the hands of a surgeon cutting for the very first time.
I can see how this would be a tough choice, but I think the tomato soup probably has less aftertaste.
I don't know what this episode of Modern Family is about, but if there's not an Al and Cam musical bit, I might be disappointed. Unless they're both clowns.
Also wrong: having The Passion of The Christ next to Purple Rain.
I'm kind of impressed that he's been holding onto those discs all this time! I suppose it's possible that's some random photo found on the internet. I don't even know how you could use one of those discs now. Are they recyclable? Maybe AOL shouldn't have spent all that money mailing those things. They might still be a player on the interwebs.
If they knew how delicious deep fried Twinkies were, they'd be on board and start sharing them with their friends who are too afraid to come to our planet!
This is how we die. At least it will be delicious.
Considering the other allegations against Herman Cain, this might be the better deal.
Really? I thought they hated us for those bratty reality shows (looking at you Jersey Shore)!
Hmm. Is that why their burgers are so delicious? Nope. Can't do that. It's Christmas!


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