Friday, December 9, 2011

Week In Pop Culture

Did Diane Kruger intentionally show side boob?
These Anna Nicole Smith pictures are sad.

Kevin Federline's main source of income is losing weight on reality TV.

Ugh. Top Gun 2.

Anthony Hopkins is going to play Alfred Hitchcock in a movie.

Sinead O'Connor is married.

Tyra Banks hasn't been playing the REAL Tyra Banks on ANTM.

Ellie Kemper is engaged.

Does Today really have enough money to lure Ryan Seacrest to replace Matt Lauer?

Emma Roberts is funny.

At what point does Wilmer Valderrama's eye for young ladies become officially creepy?

Jeff Probst is married.

Dear Adam Sandler: please don't do this.

Jodie Foster's dad may be going to prison.

Katherine Heigl is speaking some truth here.

These kids are cute and totally acting like grown ups. So, parents, don't let your kids watch them.

This story about people being paid to cheer for Tom Cruise is kind of silly. And maybe true?

I cannot believe Michelle Pfeiffer is 53!
Shakira chopped off her hair.

I cannot wait to continue my tradition of not seeing any of the Transformers movies.

Entertainment Weekly named its Entertainer of The Year.

Olivia Wilde has a new boyfriend.

I wonder if stars like Cameron Diaz see these photos of themselves, because if they do it seems they don't care.

I'm sad this made Alec Baldwin delete his Twitter account.

Because you missed this. (No one watches The Chew, right?)
Terrence Howard's divorce is really nasty.

Someone needs to explain "double entendre" to Nigella Lawson.

I'm on Team Alec Baldwin. Seriously, airlines, cell phones don't take planes down. Let us play!

Bradley Cooper knows what's up.

Michael C. Hall's divorce is final.

The creator of Sex and The City is getting divorced.

Kristin Chenoweth. Still adorable!
Jesse James. Still a douchebag.

Mark Wahlberg has a few regrets.

I don't even care what this movie is about. I'll see it.

Here's why guys like Danica Patrick.

I can't even comment on this wrestling lady's engagement ring because all I see is her serious need for lotion.

Christie Brinkley has a half-million dollar tax bill.

Jane Fonda is 73.
Hangover III. Really?

I will totally watch Betty White's prank show.

Larry King wants to be frozen when he dies. So, he's still alive?

A country singer was allegedly too drunk to fly.

Rosie O'Donnell is engaged.

I don't care what size Christina Aguilera is, but I would really like for a good stylist to get her into the right clothes.

How I know the networks aren't worried about controversy: they have old lady Madonna performing at the Superbowl.

I think I speak for Jessica Biel when I say German talk shows are strange.
This Twitter feud is stupid.

Giuliana Rancic's cancer fight is more serious.

Usher's ex-wife says he's using drugs.

Good news: Lindsay Lohan might be headed to a reality show. Bad news: It's NOT Celebrity Rehab.

I want to believe this movie will be fun.

Jennifer Garner is still pregnant.
Kirsten Dunst sounds a little desperate here. And she makes me feel tan.

Charlie Sheen's ex was arrested. Again.

I totally agree with The View ladies: Barbara Walters "Most Fascinating People" list is lame.

Natalie Portman's parents would like her to hurry up and get married.

Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes are allegedly very serious.

Roberto Cavalli is probably doing research for next season's line while checking out his super young girlfriend.
Eric Dane's house was damaged by those crazy winds.

Celebrity Wife Swap has stars - if we're in the 90s.

I think Tom Cruise is trying to make Scientology cool. Or something.

Rest in peace, Bill McKinney.
And Dev Anand.
Also, Harry Morgan.

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